March 26, 2017

Video Chat Rooms

LIVE Video Chat Room For English Learners


  1. hi

  2. hi

  3. sefeq da'vinci says:

    hi guys

  4. kisi ko tatti ai h to yahan kar de 😀

  5. cookienuro says:

    why there is no body here?

  6. i am here

  7. Amit Biswas says:

    Thank u

  8. Amit Biswas says:

    Friends add me in skype :

    Thank u for Admin to make a great website! i love this site very much.

  9. Iyoqivino says:

    Hi everybody in that room i want to increase my english as other people here.

  10. i would like speak with you>

  11. Hi

  12. Hello

  13. hey

  14. I want to learn and speak english

  15. Hi guyes

  16. hai

  17. i would like to talk english well

  18. hi

  19. hi. i m ibrahim. i want to practise speaking English. if anyone want to practise English. u can add me in your skype. my skype id is ibrahim0000092

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