March 24, 2017

Chat English with Teacher

chat English


  1. Hello,
    I’d like to improve English skills, can you help me as much as you can
    Thanks a lot!

  2. hi…. teacher.
    I come from laos.

  3. Hi, I am taking my English diploma, would you please explain the book american English file 3? I really need your help

  4. callista biel says:

    Hii teacher nice to meet you here

  5. Hell,i want lern English.i want help me

  6. hi teacher! i am from vietnam. i really want to speak english fluently, naturally….i hope to improve my english skill throught the conservations with you. thanks you!

    • English Teacher says:

      You need to forget your native language and use English to do everything, read in English, write in English, listen to English, speak English, and even dream in English, just as an English native speaker does.

      • You’re quite true, but it’s not fair if you really act like these.

      • hi! English Teacher you say that if we really want to improve our English then we have to practice much and we have to speak in English, write in English, Read in English even dream in English. I am really puzzled with your this idea how one can do this if he doesn’t know the English.

  7. Iโ€™d like to improve English skills,

    • Hi anju you can contact me 8588907834 for any query in english and just work hard you will definately speak english very soon ,

  8. Hello. I want to have international friends.

  9. NGARUKIYINKA Ange says:

    i like to improve my English, can u help me.

    • English Teacher says:

      You need to forget your native language and use English to do everything, read in English, write in English, listen to English, speak English, and even dream in English, just as an English native speaker does.

  10. good evening hello there it will be nice chance if we connecting to learn and improve my English skills

  11. hi good morning
    i m very poor in english
    therefore,i just want improve my better english
    thank you

  12. Hi teacher ,
    Kindly help me to improve my English .

    • English Teacher says:

      How to improve your English skills:

      Join an English course – a virtual one or a real one (and attend regularly).
      Do your homework.
      Read a book or a comic every month.
      Learn a new word every day.
      Visit an English speaking forum every day.
      Read a news article on the net every day.
      Do 10 minutes listening practice every day.
      Watch an English film at least once a month.
      Follow a soap, comedy or radio or TV drama.

  13. Julie Ann P.Bico says:

    Hi po..I really want to learn better in English grammar..

  14. Hi, I want to learn spoken english please help me.

  15. Dung Nguyen says:

    Hi, teacher! I really want to improve my English skills. When I had known this website, I tried a lot of to improve it. I hope you will have many lessons or something like that to help me and another people who wants to improve English skill. <3 Thanks a lot.

  16. Hello teacher, I want to nurture my ability of speaking good English. I believe you can help me.

  17. Hi Teacher:

    I want to learn English.I need your advice,I ‘ll glad if you correction my false sentence.
    Tanks a lot.

  18. Hello:
    How I chat with you.

  19. Nguyen Hang Hanh says:

    Hi English teachers, my name is Hanh. I am living in Ha Noi. I would like to practice speaking skill with you fluently. Could you please kindly help me? Thank you so much.

  20. hello teacher. i want to speak English well ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Hi, my name is Dan, i come from Viet Nam, I am new here and want to make friends who can improve my English writing and speaking

  22. Hi i’m harish i would like to practise english by talking with any one . Can any one help me with this?

  23. Hi teacher

  24. heo ฤ‘แบฅt says:

    Hj teacher!
    My english is not good
    Can you show me the way to learn English?

  25. meski bulcha says:

    Hi Teacher ,please help me I want to speak English fluently.thxs ,

  26. hi teacher please can you give me some stips to learn english in short
    short period

    • English Teacher says:

      So many of our students want to learn English fast. Some students are so busy that they only have a few minutes a day to study English. While other students need to improve their English skills in just a few weeks before an important deadline. To the first we say, even if you have only 5 minutes a day, you can still make progress in English. It’s far better to spend a little time each day to learn a few new words than to give up entirely. Over time these study moments will accumulate. To the second we say, immerse yourself in the language as intensively as possible. If you can, go abroad. Living in an English-speaking environment will make you progress faster than any other method. Even at home, read and listen to English all day, study with a live teacher, and make English-speaking friends online, join an English Chat Room . Create an English-speaking environment around yourself and you’ll learn English much faster than by just attending a course.

  27. Hello, I am yatimoe I want to know English fluent, and help me

  28. Hi teacher . My name’s Duku. I’d like to improve an English skill.

  29. Hello teacher i want to speak in engilsh plz plz plz help me

  30. Hi teacher. I come from Vietnam . I want to improve my english skills. Can you help me?

  31. Hi teacher.Nice to meet you.Can you help me for improving my speaking

  32. Good evening I need help

  33. Hi teacher I’d like improve english silks

  34. Hi and help me for taking very well and I have promblems wiht writting pleas help me

  35. Iam from Iraq
    to improve my English i need to speak English most of my time, but I can not find the person whom i speak to . so what can i do?
    please tell me sirs

  36. Hi teacher
    I’d like to learn English, I can speak english but not fluently, If possible how I can improve my speaking with you? Thanks so much.

  37. hi

  38. Hello teacher
    Nice to meet u can u help me to improve in English language

  39. hi teacher want to improve my English could you help me pleeaase

  40. saravanan says:

    hi i need to develop my english skills

  41. i need to improuve my english
    help me to do that

  42. Hello every one

  43. Hi,
    It’s hard to improve your english when some people don’t speak properly english even when you are in a country with majority english.I wish one day to be able to speak and dream in English.
    It’s very good because you are here for all this people to guide them.

  44. hi
    am from sudan i really need to learn conversation ,i know that people become better if work on themself long period and need Patience.

  45. Aisha Abdirahman says:

    Let me introduce my self i,am Aisha Abdirahman comes from Somalia location for East Africa country but now lives in Kenya . actually i attracted in your browser seen YouTube channel i would like to be native speakers could you offer me how to become that . final i am looking for your help.
    Warmest regards

  46. Aisha Abdirahman says:


    every one I,m greeting highest greet really this opportunity to write this comments i realized great opportunity
    so i need to make me help to learn English language fluently as my language or first language if need to help me please add my Skype on sharaf abdirahman1 you can forward videos help me immediately.
    i am looking for your reply.

  47. hi i want speak english

  48. jeff livane says:

    i need to camera sex

  49. Mark the stressed word in a given sentences -> 1.Ram organised a photographic exhibition.

  50. daaaaaaaaaaaawnd says:

    hello how r u

  51. hello

  52. I want to Skype with you all. I want to speak english much as i can :)

    Add me : live:Ptstumpfob

  53. can you help me to improve english skill plzz

  54. hi teacher…
    I am from iran and I can not speak English very good can I help me?

    • English Teacher says:

      Don’t worry.
      No one good a first. Just keep trying, keep practicing everyday.
      Finally you’ll speak excellence English ๐Ÿ˜€
      Good luck!

  55. hello
    think you Mr
    i try do your advices

  56. hello
    think you Mr
    i try do your a dvices

  57. phuocthao says:

    I want to say English fluently. Saying with foreigner is the best way to learn English. help me, please!

  58. Hi teacher, I really wanna speak english fluently, naturelly like native speaker but there are some words too difficult to pronounce and I can not also memorize all vocabulary well:( Is there any tips for me to change my weaknesses?:((

  59. i want to learn speak english fluently.please tell me solution?

  60. I have a queston “English Teacher.” Is the chat above practicing English with a real teacher? Because I want to know weather I can communicate well in a reel life situaton.

  61. I love this site. I could learn lots of things about English. But now I have got a problem in connecting to the English chat room. I am connected to a weird chat room which is not the usual chat room 1 . How can I get connected to the previous chat Room?

    • English Teacher says:

      Sorry we cannot do that but you have a new chance to make friend with new people.
      Go ahead and practice English.

  62. Amit Biswas says:

    wow!! great site

  63. Hello !nice to meet you.I really want to improve my english skill.could you help me,please?

  64. Hello,
    This is Balaji Kokadwar. I want to learn english please help me

  65. hello balaji

  66. hi teacher,
    Kindly help me to improve my English.

  67. Hello Teacher,

    I would like to speak English fluently.Please advice me.Thank you.

  68. ALI RAZA says:

    hi teacher
    i want to speak english fluently

  69. Hi Teacher
    I am so weak in listening skill.Can i improve my skill by listening english songs?Can you tell me what should i do to improve my listening skill?Please help me

  70. hi teacher i want to impyove my langeage english can you help me please

  71. Hello Teacher,
    please tell me,how many stress words are there in the sentence “Ram organised a photographic exhibition”?

  72. Please. i always listen to the word can and canยดt the same way, could anybody say to me How i can find the difference?

  73. primrose says:

    hi teacher

  74. primrose says:

    can you help ,e to improve my english skills

  75. Autumn Prince says:

    I would like to improve my English Listening skill.Would you like to guide me how to try to improve my skills?

  76. dhanush7353 says:


  77. Can you give to me some recommendeds about learning english fast?

  78. i am looking for someone to chat with

  79. hello

  80. Teacher can you explain me about ‘Workplace Expressions’ ?

  81. Hi, i would like to improve my English speaking language when i can try to speak or write English with others i feel very afraid

  82. heloo frends

  83. shubham singh says:

    i wanna to chat in english with someone .
    THIS IS MOBILE NO.+918568007140

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